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Everything in the universe is made of energy, including you and me. It's where we begin to understand the true healing of humanity. The true healing of ourselves starts with ‘Loving Touch’ which directly works on our inner energy. At this point, we recognize our natural ability to heal through the loving touch.

To understand the meaning of Reiki, we need to understand the word itself. Reiki is the combination of words of the Japanese language - ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’. The meaning of ‘Rei’ is Universal, Spiritual, Godly or Cosmic and the word ‘Ki’ denotes Energy, Prana, Vital Force or Urja. So, if we understand the words ‘Reiki’ in its full 

form, it denotes the Universal or Cosmic Energy.  So, this is the energy that flows in the every single particle of the universe. We are all part of the same universe and therefore the universal energy flows through all of us. Any physical, mental or spiritual disease that affects us, is caused by a disturbance in our cosmic energy balance, which can be healed by Reiki.

So, Reiki has been developed as therapy to heal the human being which works by giving a loving touch on certain points in the body which reform the cosmic energy balance.

Reiki Teacher Training in Rishikesh India

At Triguna Yoga Rishikesh, we provide certified Reiki teacher training where students can learn all about the aspects of energetic healing associated with this ancient practice. This training is focused on transforming the human as a channel of cosmic energy to help another person to reinstate the balanced state of his/her energetic consciousness.

In the Triguna Yoga, Reiki Teacher Training Center in Rishikesh, the special Reiki healing classes are offered that teach students to become true channels of the energy. Reiki is not psychic healing which requires the active participation of the healer to heal another individual. Unlike psychic healing that runs the possibility of the healer to take on the physical and psychic ailments of the patient, Reiki healing involves the complete detachment of the mind and ego, thereby the healer is completely unaffected by the person’s energy whom he or she is healing. Moreover, Reiki does not even require the teacher to believe in the divine energy; it is going to work with or without any such belief.

Our trained and experienced Reiki grand masters in India educate students on all aspects of this ancient art. With the combination methods of the chakra healing or spiritual healing methods, the Reiki therapy works on everyone and is highly effective. This makes Triguna Yoga Rishikesh the best place to learn Reiki teacher training in India.

Reiki Healing Course in India

The certified Reiki Teacher Training in Rishikesh offered by Triguna Yoga are overseen by top Reiki masters in India who have years of experience as learned healers. There are three level courses of Reiki teacher training, and after each of these courses, the student can get a Reiki certification.

Reiki first level

The Reiki level 1 classes go on for two days and involve training in meditation to relax mind and body. The student is then exposed to 6 different healing techniques that are taught through three initiations. Special breathing techniques and Reiki teachings are also taught in these classes. The Reiki teacher training classes also teach a student the art of chakra balancing. Reiki level 1 certification is offered at the end of the Reiki Teacher training.

Reiki second level

The Reiki level 2 certification classes go on for two days and involve training in Reiki advance level and meditation to relax mind and body. This stage involves learning of six different healing methods through the use of symbols. The Reiki level 2 course will teach students more powerful healing techniques that involve removing negativity from a human body as well as the room. The student will also learn methods that involve protecting oneself energetically from negativity and will also learn in further depth about chakras, aura, and meditation. The level 2 Reiki certification classes will also teach students to heal a person who is geographically located in another town or country. The students get to have Reiki teacher training certification after the completion of the second level courses.

Reiki third level

The Reiki level 3 certification classes go on for two days and the Reiki level 3 teacher training course focus on the Reiki Master courses which allow students to learn about the advanced courses of Reiki. The students learn aura and meditation under Reiki master teacher training course.  We teach students to channel energy to specific chakras as well as develop powers to become full-fledged teachers in their own rights.

Chakra Balancing and Healing

What are chakras?

Chakras are energy vortexes that are located in important centers of our bodies. They are the energy gates that stimulate and give shape and color to our aura. In Sanskrit, the word Chakra translates to a disc or wheel. However, the chakras are no physically perceptible wheels but are made out of spiritual energy. 

A spiritual body is superimposed over our physical bodies and it receives, absorbs and expresses the vital life force energy. The chakras are responsible for an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions which can be rectified through chakra healing. Through chakra meditation training, a person can learn to perform chakra cleansing meditation and consciously direct the energies within his or her body, get rid of impurities and achieve energetic harmony and balance. Chakra clearing can help a person to enjoy the inner happiness that he or she is always looking for. The chakra energy spins clockwise while transmitting our inherent energy to the world around us and in a counterclockwise direction for pulling energy from the external world as well as the people around us into our body. The frequency of our chakras determines the direction that our energy is going to flow as they release energy outward or draw it into our bodies. Since we tend to absorb good and bad energies from around us all the time, chakra meditation training can help us to find the balance that we are all looking for. With chakra healing training, a person can not only cleanse his or her energy bodies of disturbances but also help others find inner balance and harmony.    

If we are experiencing physical, emotional or mental disturbances, then we are certainly in need of chakra healing or chakra cleansing. Our body is not only made up of matter but also of energy that determines our well being. Our thoughts and feelings carry energy and they not only affect our mental and emotional health but also physical health. Due to this reason, it is always necessary that we actively work on our energy centers or chakras through lessons learned from chakra meditation training and make sure that there are no blocked energies. When a chakra vibrates with positive energy, its rate of vibration is high and there are no blockages. However, when a particular chakra is affected by the presence of disturbing energies, its vibration rate is reduced and the person is likely to feel emotional, mental and physical anguish. Chakra cleansing meditation or chakra clearing meditation can always help us to perform chakra clearing and remove unwanted blockages in our physical and energy bodies. 

How the Chakras function?

A chakra functions like a wheel of energy that interpenetrates the physical body. These serve as aspects of consciousness, interacting with the physical as well as energetic bodies mainly through two channels, the nervous system, and the endocrine system. There are primarily seven chakras in our body that are further connected to specific groups of nerves (known as a plexus) and endocrine glands. Although there are also other minor chakras that are present in almost all corners of our bodies, these seven are the most important ones. Each of the chakras corresponds to specific parts of our body as well as particular functions taking place within the body which are controlled by a definite endocrine gland or plexus. This is a key aspect of chakra healing that is taught in chakra cleansing meditation. In chakra meditation training, a person learns to cleanse his or her energy imbalances and find inner peace. Due to this reason, chakra meditation training is always highly recommended by yoga and meditation teachers. By using the principles of chakra healing training, one can always find the physical, mental and spiritual balance he or she is looking for. Chakra clearing can also help a person to be in touch with his or her true self. 

The chakras not only represent specific parts of the physical bodies but also influence specific aspects of the consciousness which can be cleared through chakra cleansing. An individual’s consciousness or the way he or she perceives reality indicates everything that the person may be able to experience in his or her inner and outer lives. All senses, states of awareness and perceptions can be divided broadly into seven categories, each of which is associated with a specific chakra. When a person feels pangs of tension in the thoughts, the chakra that is specific to that part of consciousness is affected by such disturbed feelings. Such disturbances can be effectively removed with chakra cleansing meditation. It is due to this reason that chakra meditation training is considered to be so important. Chakra healing aims at curing the energetic anomalies or problems that are associated with the specific chakra and specific aspects of consciousness. With the effective use of chakra meditation training, an individual can remove all energy problems that may be present in the aura. Chakra healing meditation is an important part of Reiki.      


Date of Reiki TTC

  • 22-27th October 2017
  • 22-27th December 2017
  • 22-27th April 2018

Reiki TTC Schedule

This includes:

  • 6 days and 7 nights with accommodation & food (7 hours per day)
  • Vegetarian meals 2 times a day.
  • Reiki Training at all level
  • Attunements
  • How to train others professionally
  • Chakras balancing
  • Yoga-pranayama-meditation two classes every day.
  • Reiki philosophy for the clear understanding of LIFE
  • Yogic Cleaning.
  • Mantra chanting (Mantras are the repetition of specific sounds to balance the energy of body & mind)

Course Fee

  • US $600 per person, including food and accommodation

 Book Your Seat by Paying Only Us $300 Now, Rest of the Fee on Arrival

Here is the Reiki Teacher Training Daily Schedule:




7:00 am - 9:00 am

Yoga Asana, Yogic Cleaning

9.30 am -10.30 am


11:00 pm  - 1:00 pm

Reiki Class

1:00 pm- 2:00 pm


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Meditation and Pranayama

Note: You will check in on the eve of 21st  in Hotel, Ashram, or Guesthouse, after confirmation of your registration. The Reiki Teacher Training starts on 22nd morning. Kindly bring and wear a white dress at the time of opening ceremony (fire ceremony/Havan) and closing ceremony/certification.


A fire ceremony is a powerful Native American practice used to release unwanted energies and attachments from the past and make space for new intentions.& The Sanskrit word Homa (होम) is from the root hu, which refers to "pouring into fire, offer, sacrifice". Some sources treat the words homa/homam and havan (Sanskrit: हवन) as synonymous.


Namaste, Hari OM: Your smiley face, patience & passions needed throughout the course, this makes you and your colleagues in this course comfortable.