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Meditation is a process through which a practitioner allows his or her mind to reach a state of complete relaxation. Through meditation, one can develop greater self-understanding and enhanced control over the thoughts and emotions that the person is experiencing. The individual can also develop greater clarity of perception which can help in all walks of life. The interesting thing about meditation is that anyone can do it by using the right kind of meditation techniques. Meditation learning is essential for anyone who wants to perform self-healing and get rid of energetic imbalances. People who perform meditation regularly develop a consistent and unshakeable inner strength over time. They also have improved communication skills and can connect better with themselves as well as others.

With the right kind of meditation training, a student can also develop the powers to connect to an external source of energy that lies within the hidden depths of consciousness. Meditation learning can help in attaining relaxation and rejuvenation naturally and enable a person to use the latent powers of his or her mind and consciousness more easily. Regular meditation practices like chakra opening meditation can help people to uncover their inner talents and skills and develop them further.

By choosing meditation training, you can not only transform your life and live a more purposeful existence but also teach others the ways to be benefitted from meditation. There are different types of meditation practices such as chakra opening meditation and mantra meditation and you can choose to learn any specific discipline or combine different methods to reap the benefits that you are looking for. As a meditation teacher, you can guide students to understand the deeper philosophy of mind and consciousness and enable them to connect with the Divine source. At Triguna Yoga Center, step by step guidance is offered on all facets of meditation so that the students can develop intricate understanding about how the process works on our inner being. Such in-depth knowledge can help the students to become accomplished teachers in their own right as they complete their meditation training here.

Mantra meditation

Mantra meditation is a special form of meditation technique that makes use of the power of sound. It is an ancient technique of meditation that has its roots in India and Tibet. A Mantra is a group of words or a sentence that have a specific phonetic significance. The method of mantra meditation is related to sound. The sound is a powerful force in this universe. It is believed that even God manifested himself as sound during the creation of the universe. According to the traditions and lore of Indian belief, at the beginning of time and universe, there was the presence of sound that reverberated as Om. Everything in this universe came into existence from this initial sound. Modern scientists are also beginning to realize the power of sound as they learn about it more in their laboratories.

A Mantra is a specific type of sound that is believed to accomplish a certain function. In fact, it has the power to completely transform the whole of our inner being. The inner state of our being is created and constantly fostered by the feelings and thoughts that arise in us constantly. Our thoughts are constantly changing their shapes and natures and making us what we are. With Mantra Meditation, it is possible for us to stabilize our thoughts and focus them into a single direction, i.e. the direction of our self. Regular practice of mantra meditation can help us to effectively transcend our confusions, fantasies, thoughts and delusions and have a grip over constant changes of our minds.

We often have a tendency to get stuck into repetitive thought patterns that persist in us years after years. These thought patterns are based on impressions that are often difficult to remove. However, when we repeat the God’s name in our mantra meditation sessions, such impressions and thoughts are erased from our consciousness and we can start to recreate who we are with a clean slate. Mantra meditation can not only help us to develop greater awareness of the self but also but also the Divine reality that is within us and all around us. At Triguna Yoga, students can learn about mantra meditation and how to combine sound with breathing in order to reap the maximum benefits from this kind of meditation. They can also learn about the energy of the sound and how it can affect the consciousness of the person who is meditating. Once the students complete this meditation teacher training, they can also guide others about the various methods and benefits associated with mantra meditation.

Yog Nidra

Yog Nidra is a type of meditation that means Yogic Sleep. In other words, Yog Nidra can be described as a state of deep sleep with one’s consciousness intact. In Meditation, a person remains in waking state of consciousness, focusing gently on the mind and allowing the thought patterns, sensations, emotions and images to naturally arise within the being and go on. In Yog Nidra, the person learns to leave this waking state of consciousness, go past the state of dreaming, and go into a deep sleep while at the same time remain awake. Yog Nidra is particularly notable for being a practice that is extremely relaxing. The Yog Nidra is also a procedure that is used regularly by Yogis for purifying the Samskaras which are deep impressions that serve as the driving force of Karma.

Yog Nidra can bring astounding quietness, calmness, and clarity to an individual. Yog Nidra is considered to be one of most intense and deepest of meditations that one can practice, which can bring awareness through the various levels of mental activity to an inner state of supreme sublimity, stillness, and insight. The practice of Yog Nidra is thousands of years old and numerous sages and yogis have benefitted greatly from it. The Upanishads, especially the Mandukya Upanishad, speaks of the three different states of consciousness, namely the Waking, Dreaming and the Deep Sleep state. By practicing Yog Nidra, a person can develop a conscious awareness of Deep Sleep state which is referred to in Mandukya Upanishad as prajna. It is also the 3rd of the 4 levels of consciousness of the AUM mantra, and it relates to the state that is represented by M of AUM. These four states are namely Waking, Dreaming, deep sleep, and turiya, which is the fourth state. Yog Nidra or conscious Deep Sleep is a state that is subtler or beyond the mental process and imagery of the states of Waking and Dreaming. As a major state of consciousness, Yog Nidra is a truly universal principle, not forming an exclusive domain of any specific teacher or tradition.  

Advanced Yog Nidra is a form of yoga that has been developed to differentiate classical practice of Yog Nidra with the modern derivations of this practice that have evolved over time. Other forms of yoga that are close to this advanced form are Authentic Yog Nidra and Traditional Yog Nidra. At Triguna Yoga Center, a student who wants to master the techniques of Yog Nidra can do so by attending the meditation learning classes held here. The teachers can guide the students step by step through the various aspects of Yog Nidra so that they can develop a deeper understanding of its procedures and philosophy.

The Meditation, Mantra Meditation, and Yog Nidra courses

In the Level 1 course, the students are going to learn about active and passive techniques of meditation.

When it comes to Mantra Meditation, the students are going to learn about the purpose of the mantra and how to use this meditation technique in life.

The Yog Nidra teachers are going to educate students about the ways in which the student can apply its techniques on the self.

At Triguna Yoga, you can book your courses as per your dates. For the availability of dates, you can always write to us.

All of our courses and sessions are non-residential. However, if you are looking for accommodation near our center, we can help you do so according to your budget requirements. We can suggest you a few places and you can then take your pick from them.    

The meditation course is a 6 days course. You will learn techniques of meditation. You will learn and practice meditation technique for 4 hours every day.

Once a student completes the course he/she gets a certification and a manual while enrolling for the course.

All of our sessions and courses are non-residential. However, if you are looking for accommodation near our center, we can help you do so according to your budget requirements. We can suggest you a few places and you can then take your pick from them.