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Physic abilities have helped find a downed Russian bomber in Africa, reported on the health of American hostages in Iraq, and forecasted a Chinese atomic bomb, three days before it occurred. Author on psychic abilities, Russell Targ, said that the statistical proof of psychic abilities is “so strong it would be logically or probably unreasonable to deny.” But, contrary to popular opinion, psychic abilities are not only found in tarot card readers and mediums – they have a history spanning thousands of years and almost all continents.

Psychic abilities can be found in many major wisdom traditions, such as Kabbalistic Judaism, Christian Mysticism, Hermeticism, Greco-Roman Mystery traditions, Yoga, and Buddhism. No doubt, the history of physics is detailed and varied. But with the advent of deeper, more in-depth scientific studies, even more, compelling evidence for psychic abilities has presented itself. In fact, yoga has been shown to help improve psychic connection.

Psychic Abilities and Yoga

Yoga, by helping to create a true union between the body, mind, and spirit, may help increase psychic abilities through its use of meditation, and breathing techniques to calm the mind. It has been reported that the practice of deep breathing, with the view of enlightenment in mind, can result in psychic abilities. Yoga, with its implementation of meditation, can help calm your mind and introduce you to your true self, which in turn helps you differentiate between your everyday thoughts and your psychic intuition. Yoga also helps develop and grow inner peace, which directly helps you concentrate on the present moment you are in. By focusing on the “here and now”, you can better connect with your psychic gifts.

The Science in the Statistics

Stanford Research Institute (SRI) conducted analyses into the human mind’s ability for expanded awareness, also called remote viewing, in which people are able to predict and see distant places and future events. For two decades, SRI’s research was supported by the CIA and other government agencies.

The statistical significance of many of these remote viewing cases is quite staggering. For instance, take the 36-outdoor remote-viewing trials described with six US army intelligence officers. Their overall statistical significance was 3 x 10-5 (odds of three in a hundred thousand). The participants achieved nineteen direct matches. “Such numbers,” says Targ, “are what we mean by statistical proof – a miracle every second day.” In fact, Dianne Hennacy Powell, a former Harvard professor of neuropsychiatry, believes the link between science and psychic abilities are closely related, and that the two, in fact, work together.

Stories of Psychics

When San Francisco heiress Patricia Hearst was abducted from her home in Berkeley, a psychic with the SRI team successfully identified the kidnapper and the car used for the kidnapping. Also, Targ’s group made $120,000 by psychically predicting for nine weeks in a row the direction and amount of changes in the silver commodity futures market. This was all done without error.

The scientific evidence for psychic abilities is well documented and thorough. From its historical significance to the newfound, modern scientific data, it is getting more difficult by the day to deny the evidence of psychic abilities. Parapsychology continues to push the boundaries of what some scientists deem as true science. But with the facts piling up with every passing day, it is a matter of time before the evidence becomes too substantial to deny. Not only is the evidence of psychic abilities growing, but the connection between Yoga and psychic abilities is one that gains more traction every day. Yoga not only presents a calmer and more peaceful self, but it presents to the student a more connected in mind, which can result in the awareness of the gifts of psychic abilities and intuition.


Can Yoga Enhance Your Psychic Abilities?

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