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In our day to day lives, we are mostly driven by our minds and what they tell us to do. However, our minds can provide us with a very limited view of the world. In reality, life is far more expansive and limitless than what our minds would have us believe. It is however, a necessary process that our minds only force us to focus on a handful number of things. This is so because the by its very nature the mind can function at its best when it deals with limited number of ideas. However, if you are keen to know this limitless universe and your place in it, you will have to surpass the limitations your mind sets before you and understand the full extent of your consciousness, of which your mind is just a small part.

Understanding the conscious mind and the various levels of consciousness is also a healthy and necessary practice if you are looking to achieve true inner wisdom and peace. Plenty of people complain about their day to day lives and say that they find it difficult to achieve any kind of real happiness. No matter what they do or how much financial success they attain, they still feel unfulfilled and searching for something more. The truth of this feeling is that we are all keen to find ourselves through our day to day experiences and without the connection to our Source or the Godhead; we will always feel lost and helpless. Eventually we may also develop depression, mental anguish and fear which are nothing but signs that there is an energetic imbalance of our consciousness. When we experience such inner imbalance and longing, it is time for us to choose balancing of consciousness on a more active basis.

The Three Levels of Consciousness

Once you start delving into the deeper recesses of your mind and consciousness, you will develop a whole new understanding of what awareness and consciousness is. If you start studying about consciousness in psychology, you will come to know that our consciousness is divided into three spheres or levels. These three levels of consciousness are namely conscious, subconscious and superconscious.

Conscious Mind

The conscious mind can be defined as that part of our overall consciousness that we use during all our waking hours and daily activities. It represents a very small part of our overall awareness and consciousness.


Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind, or the semi-conscious mind, lies below our conscious awareness levels. The physical seat of the subconscious mind is the spine and the lower brain. Our subconscious mind records everything that we do or be a part of. These include all the activities that we engage in; the thoughts that we have about these activities, the likes and the dislikes that we have about the things that we encounter every day. Although none of our experiences are ever forgotten by our subconscious minds, in most cases these thoughts and memories are kept hidden from our day to day awareness. Our subconscious minds play a very important role in determining the way we think and act on a daily basis when we are in our conscious state.

The subconscious mind carries the unprocessed residues of our thoughts, memories and actions that are always present in us, but are left unnoticed. They greatly influence our conscious mind on a day to day basis. People do not often realize how their conscious minds are governed by the notions and ideas of the subconscious and how free will plays a little role in its decision making. Therefore it is safe to say that our subconscious minds can only send us ideas and impressions that are derived from past experiences and happenings. It can never provide us with new or novel ideas. 

Superconscious Mind

Our superconscious minds encompass an awareness level that oversees the material reality as well as the consciousness and energy behind that reality. It is not only the seat of our Higher Self but also of Universal consciousness, Universal knowledge and the Akashic Records. While the superconscious mind always resides within us, we are hardly aware of its presence in our day to day lives. When we have had a great session of meditation, we feel extremely calm and relaxed. During this time, we are actually experiencing the superconsciousness level. As we practice going deeper into our minds by way of meditation, we can experience deepening peace, divine love, calmness and bliss; during these times we are experiencing the deeper levels of superconscious state.

The superconscious mind is the level of consciousness where true creativity can be found. The expressions of creativity originating from the superconscious mind are quite different from those borne out of the subconscious. Some of the greatest works of art, poetry, music, prose, important scientific discoveries and even deep spiritual experiences can be traced to superconscious mind. Paramhansa Yogananda, the great Indian yogi, once said that our thoughts are universally rooted and not individually rooted. Therefore by raising our consciousness and accessing the superconscious level, we can have thoughts which live on this level of consciousness. While the conscious mind considers that everything has a separate existence, the superconscious mind recognizes that everything in life and in universe is made of energy. Thus at this level of awareness, human beings can recognize the underlying unity that exists beyond the outer forms. Unlike the subconscious, the superconscious mind can provide us with knowledge and inspiration about new ideas and concepts that can have a transforming effect on our lives.  

The Importance of Undergoing Balancing Consciousness Training Session

If we experience serious emotional turmoil and inner conflict, then it is necessary that we undergo the process of balancing consciousness. Balancing consciousness is a method by which the energies of our three states of consciousness are harmonized or balanced. A person who regularly practices consciousness meditation and attempts to balance the three levels of consciousness will naturally have a clearer state of mind, have a greater understanding of the self and the various energies that he or she is resonating with, have greater inner strength and a stronger sense of purpose. The practice of balancing consciousness can not only have a positive impact on mental and spiritual health but also improve a person’s other aspects of life, such as career, relationships, social life, family life and health. Through balancing consciousness session, the individual can achieve greater satisfaction in life and find the inner bliss that he or she has always been looking for.

Triguna Yoga Center, the leading center for learning balancing consciousness meditation

At Triguna Yoga Center, special balancing consciousness session is offered to those who are looking to balance their conscious, subconscious and superconscious minds. The mind consciousness session that are offered here at the Triguna Yoga Center are supervised by highly experienced teachers who can guide the person through the whole process and help in developing a deeper understanding of the balancing mechanism. This mind consciousness session can be attended by a person of any level of yoga proficiency and one does not need to have earlier experience of yoga and meditation classes. The balancing consciousness session program that is offered here at Triguna Yoga Center is also particularly suitable for those seekers of truth who regularly meditate to access the superconscious level of consciousness and would need to learn how to balance the resulting energy with their day to day conscious selves.   

Once the person start taking the mind consciousness classes offered here, they will be able to easily manage the energetic changes they are going through and achieve grounding of energy which will be beneficial for their growth. This will not only help them to resolve their inner energy imbalances but also eradicate any external symptoms that they may be manifesting. The balancing consciousness session at Triguna Yoga Center is also suitable for those who want to take up meditation training as a professional career and help others achieve harmony and balance in their lives.

The session fee is $50 and a session will run for 90 minutes. All of our sessions are non-residential. However, if you are looking for accommodation near our center, we can help you do so according to your budget requirements. We can suggest you a few places and you can then take your pick from them.