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Meditation training IndiaDifferent types of meditation techniques are taught here at Triguna Yoga. A student may opt for the 7-Day meditation program taught here or go for advanced lessons. The classes offered here not only teach students how to do meditation but also offer them a chance to understand how meditation can transform their lives.

Chakra cleansing meditation

Chakra cleansing meditation is a method of meditation that allows a person to clean the chakras so that all negative energies are removed from their systems. This allows them to purify their minds and bodies and get rid of any psychological or emotional pains or traumas that may have been affecting them. This form of meditation is also known as chakra meditation, where the students may focus on the energies of a specific chakra to purify it and take its energy to the higher levels.

Buddhist meditation

Buddhist meditation involves certain types of meditation techniques that have their roots in Buddhist teachings. From enabling a person to have more control over their minds and bodies to developing a higher understanding about universal and divine energy, these forms of meditations can help a person to achieve numerous benefits.

Spiritual meditation

Spiritual meditation is mostly associated with taking one’s consciousness to the higher realms of existence. This is particularly meant for those who yearn to have a more inwardly meaningful existence and find their purposes in life. It is also for those who want to develop strong understanding about cosmic knowledge and find a deeper understanding of his or her personal purpose. Special grounding is required with this form of meditation if one aims to achieve the desired results.

Kundalini meditation

The Kundalini meditation is a meditative technique that aims to activate the kundalini, the serpent power that lies at the base of the spine. It is a highly intensive mediation practice that should be done only under the guidance of a trained yogi.

Vipassana meditation

The Vipassana meditation is an ancient technique of meditation that serves as a precursor for modern meditative techniques. It offers great flexibility to students who want to master the benefits of meditation themselves.

Types of Meditation
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