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Sexual energy is the most basic form of energy that works in human beings. It is the source of all creativity and inspiration in us. However, more often than not we human beings tend to waste and dissipate this energy, thus not being able to fully channelize it for constructive purposes. In order to harness sexual energy and then use it for greater creativity, productivity, personal and professional accomplishment, advancement, invention, and achievement, it is necessary to learn about sexual transmutation. Sexual transmutation or sexual energy transmutation is a way through which one learns to have greater control over his or her sexual desires and then direct it towards achieving constructive goals.

If we have a look at the world around us, we can see sexual imagery being used in almost all places. Whether it is a television advert or a fashion event, the porn industry that operates through various internet channels or other resources, there is a prolific usage of sex and sexual imagery in our day to day lives that hardly encourages us to practice restraint and control over our sexual urges. This naturally leads men and women to waste their sexual energy instead of using it constructively to boost the quality of their lives. However, by learning about the ways of transmuting sexual energy that we teach here at the Triguna Yoga center, one can easily improve the quality of his or her life and enjoy better success in career and other walks of life. The sex transmutation techniques that are taught here at Triguna Yoga center can be practiced by anyone and they can surely provide one with the benefits that he or she is seeking. There are two parts of the body which move even though they have no bone to support them; the tongue and penis (or clitoris). These organs are made to move by the ego alone. They can take you to the heights of success if they are controlled and if they are misused - if you make just a single mistake in your sadhana - down you go, divebombing like a Stuka.

One of the most important steps of preparing for sexual and spiritual transmutation is self-control. It is not required to be in denial of sexual energy or sexual desire. In fact, it is hardly the ideal. Instead, one should be in full recognition of the sexual desire and yet be able to control himself or herself and not give in to the urges indiscriminately. In order to achieve the transmutation of energy to the fullest degree, a person should give up the habits of enjoying pornography and masturbation. Not only they have a strong adverse effect on mental and physical health, but they also have a major detrimental effect on the willpower of an individual. When a person learns to control his or her sexual urges, he or she naturally becomes much clearer in thoughts and perception and develop a greater sense of purpose and personal goal. This makes it all the easier to achieve different kinds of goals, whether in professional or personal lives.


By transmuting power of sexual energy, an individual can also improve his or her love life and find the spiritual love connection that he or she has been looking for. Every human being has a natural desire to connect with a partner and find love. However, simply interacting with a member of the opposite sex or having a relationship with someone does not mean that the spiritual connection exists between the two. When a person chooses sexual transmutation and refrains from dissipating his or her sexual energy, he or she develops a stronger magnetic personality that naturally enables him or her to attract the right kind of person. The energy transmutation makes the individual surer of himself or herself and allows the person to present the self more confidently in social situations. This leads to a spiritual transmutation within the individual which makes the person more capable of creativity and love.

When an individual practices sexual transmutation meditation, he or she becomes actively aware of his or her sexual energy and learns to channelize it in the right way. Sexual energy is the creative energy of God and it can be expressed in a large number of different ways. Without sexual energy, a person would be lifeless and dull. By practicing sexual transmutation meditation regularly, a person can learn of the various constructive ways to channelize his or her sexual energy and develop a stronger sexual self. The art of transmuting sexual energy can make a person more focused in life, bring greater joy and satisfaction in career and personal life and find a spiritual love connection with the ideal partner as well as everything else the person is involved in.   

Triguna Yoga Center – The Leading Center for Sexual Transmutation Meditation Sessions

At Triguna Yoga Center, special sessions are offered to individual men and women that can help in the transmutation of their sexual energies. These sessions can greatly help a person to come to terms with his or her sexual energy and understand the issues that have been disturbing him or her for years. By helping a person to take greater control of his or her sexual energy, Triguna Yoga Center can assist in bringing in the transformation to one’s life. The progress of each and every individual will be personally monitored by the masters so that they can get maximum benefits from such sessions.

Each and every individual looking to sign up for sexual transmutation meditation sessions will be first interviewed by experts. This will help the experts to understand the state of mind of a person and understand his or her energetic requirements. The days and times of the individual sexual transmutation meditation sessions will depend upon this initial assessment.

The session fee is $50 and a session will run for 90 minutes. All of our sessions are non-residential. However, if you are looking for accommodation near our center, we can help you do so according to your budget requirements. We can suggest you a few places and you can then take your pick from them.