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Psychic healing is a method by which energetic imbalances in the consciousness and body can be healed through psychic energy. The cells manifesting the physical disease can be controlled and healed by different types of psychic healing. This process is also sometimes referred to as psychic surgery and it aims to work on your different conditions or patterns of mind. The various methods of psychic surgery are discussed below.

Pranic Healing

The Pranic Healing is a form of psychic surgery healing that makes use of Prana or the Vital Force. The healer sends Prana or the Vital Force to all the affected parts of the body, thus stimulating the tissues and cells to normal activity. This form of psychic surgery healing forces the waste matters to get ejected out of the body’s system and normal health conditions are restored in this way. This form of psychic surgery or psychic healing is often referred as “Magnetic Healing” in the West. The best psychics make use of Pranic healing to cure different types of energy imbalances that affect the various organs of the body.

Pranic healing can cause drastic changes in the body or health of an individual, helping him or her to get back to normal health. However, the time taken for the results to become apparent may vary from one person to another.

Mental Healing

Mental Healing is a spiritual surgery method that involves control of the affected cell-minds, either directly or through an instinctive mind of a sick individual who needs the healing. This type of psychic surgery healing is often referred to in Western World as psychic healing, suggestive healing, direct and absent mental healing and many other names. It also includes the different types of healing methods that are associated with religious practices and religious teachings.

The whole purpose of mental healing is to remove negative energy from the body that a person may be holding on to, whether knowingly or unknowingly. The individuals undergoing mental healing sessions can experience positive results within a short span of time.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing, sometimes referred to as spiritual surgery is a special form of healing that arises from the Healer having a very high degree of Spiritual evolution or ascension. The healer allows his or her personal light or the light emanating from higher mentality to pass into the patient’s mind, thus bathing him or her in a current of high energy and lifting the individual temporarily into a higher state of being. However, one needs to keep in mind that this type of healing is not as common as some people might think. In fact, genuine spiritual healing is very rare and only healers with a high degree of spiritual condition have the power to perform such healing. A number of psychic healing experts who think that they are performing spiritual healing are actually making use of simple mental healing methods. They may not even be fully aware of what authentic Spiritual Healing is comprised of.

With the help of spiritual healing, a person can experience genuine inner bliss and enjoy a positive state of mind. The individual in question may also feel the connection to a greater sense of purpose or direction in life.

Karuna Reiki Healing

Karuna Reiki is a special form of Reiki healing that is practiced in India. It is a higher form of the Usui Reiki method. The term “karuna” has a Sanskrit origin and it means “compassionate action”. According to ancient Buddhist transcripts, one can combine Karuna or compassion with wisdom or prajna to create the right effects which can enhance the spiritual levels of an individual. This advanced form of healing can be only performed by Reiki Masters. To make the most use of Karuna Reiki healing methods and the various tools inherent in it, one should go through intensive training and become a Reiki Master. By undergoing such training, a person can have his or her energies cleaned and balanced. Individuals who have already benefited from Reiki treatments can make the most of Karuna Healing. This is so because it is much easier to access the higher spiritual potential of Karuna Healing when one’s own energies are cleaned and balanced.

As Master or practitioner of Karuna Healing, you can make use of the tools associated with Karuna Reiki healing in the best way possible. The healing energies associated with Karuna Reiki are relatively stronger and highly influential compared to the normal form of Reiki. The stronger energies associated with Karuna Reiki healing can be used for treating various types of health issues that are far more complex in their natures. The whole experience of energy transference is also quite different from that of normal Reiki. In case of Karuna Healing, the healing energy does not get transferred from the body of Reiki practitioner, but surrounds the practitioner’s whole body and cover him or her from outside while the practitioner is transferring healing energy to the recipient.

With Karuna Reiki healing, one can awaken the energy which helps us to be aware of Universal compassion. Plenty of people are compassionate for people around them, and yet find it difficult to be compassionate for their own selves. When it comes to spiritual awakening, such issues are considered to be obstacles of spiritual healing. With the help of Karuna Healing, one can self heal such complex thoughts, remove self criticism and self-judgmental tendencies and find it easier to connect with the Divine.

Triguna Yoga Center, A Holistic Healing Center For Karuna Healing And Psychic Surgery

At Triguna Yoga center, you can benefit greatly from the one on one Karuna Healing and Psychic surgery sessions. The sessions will be overseen by experienced healing masters who will make sure that all of your psychic and mental issues are completely healed. Since energy imbalance is the root of any kind of mental, emotional or physical disease, we at Triguna Yoga center aim to detect the root of the problem and then heal them in our one to one sessions. Our healing sessions will not only help you to get back to a normal and healthy life in a short time but also find greater meaning and purpose that will allow you to have a happier existence.

The session fee is $50 and a session will run for 90 minutes. All of our sessions are non-residential. However, if you are looking for accommodation near our center, we can help you do so according to your budget requirements. We can suggest you a few places and you can then take your pick from them.