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Our whole universe is made of energy; whether it is the oceans, streams and mountains or the individual cells of our bodies, we are all made up of different types of energies that circulate inside our bodies as well as all around us. Our whole body serves as an energy system that is further connected to the universal systems of energy pulsating through the sun, moon and other heavenly bodies and stars. The different cells in our bodies emanate different types of energies based on their locations and functions. There are numerous different channels of energies located in various parts of our bodies through which the energies can easily flow in an endless, constant stream. These channels are known as chakras. 

What are chakras?

Chakras are energy vortexes that are located in important centers of our bodies. They are the energy gates that stimulate and give shape and color to our aura. In Sanskrit, the word Chakra translates to a disc or wheel. However, the chakras are no physically perceptible wheels but are made out of spiritual energy. A spiritual body is superimposed over our physical bodies and it receives, absorbs and expresses the vital life force energy. The chakras are responsible for an individual’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions which can be rectified through chakra healing. Through chakra meditation training, a person can learn to perform chakra cleansing meditation and consciously direct the energies within his or her body, get rid of impurities and achieve energetic harmony and balance. Chakra clearing can help a person to enjoy the inner happiness that he or she is always looking for. The chakra energy spins clockwise while transmitting our inherent energy to the world around us and in a counterclockwise direction for pulling energy from the external world as well as the people around us into our body. The frequency of our chakras determines the direction that our energy is going to flow as they release energy outward or draw it into our bodies. Since we tend to absorb good and bad energies from around us all the time, chakra meditation training can help us to find the balance that we are all looking for. With chakra healing training, a person can not only cleanse his or her energy bodies of disturbances but also help others find inner balance and harmony.    

If we are experiencing physical, emotional or mental disturbances, then we are certainly in need of chakra healing or chakra cleansing. Our body is not only made up of matter but also of energy that determines our well being. Our thoughts and feelings carry energy and they not only affect our mental and emotional health but also physical health. Due to this reason, it is always necessary that we actively work on our energy centers or chakras through lessons learned from chakra meditation training and make sure that there are no blocked energies. When a chakra vibrates with positive energy, its rate of vibration is high and there are no blockages. However, when a particular chakra is affected by the presence of disturbing energies, its vibration rate is reduced and the person is likely to feel emotional, mental and physical anguish. Chakra cleansing meditation or chakra clearing meditation can always help us to perform chakra clearing and remove unwanted blockages in our physical and energy bodies. 

How the chakras function?

A chakra functions like a wheel of energy that interpenetrates the physical body. These serve as aspects of consciousness, interacting with the physical as well as energetic bodies mainly through two channels, the nervous system, and the endocrine system. There are primarily seven chakras in our body that are further connected to specific groups of nerves (known as a plexus) and endocrine glands. Although there are also other minor chakras that are present in almost all corners of our bodies, these seven are the most important ones. Each of the chakras corresponds to specific parts of our body as well as particular functions taking place within the body which are controlled by a definite endocrine gland or plexus. This is a key aspect of chakra healing that is taught in chakra cleansing meditation. In chakra meditation training, a person learns to cleanse his or her energy imbalances and find inner peace. Due to this reason, chakra meditation training is always highly recommended by yoga and meditation teachers. By using the principles of chakra healing training, one can always find the physical, mental and spiritual balance he or she is looking for. Chakra clearing can also help a person to be in touch with his or her true self. 

The chakras not only represent specific parts of the physical bodies but also influence specific aspects of the consciousness which can be cleared through chakra cleansing. An individual’s consciousness or the way he or she perceives reality indicates everything that the person may be able to experience in his or her inner and outer lives. All senses, states of awareness and perceptions can be divided broadly into seven categories, each of which is associated with a specific chakra. When a person feels pangs of tension in the thoughts, the chakra that is specific to that part of consciousness is affected by such disturbed feelings. Such disturbances can be effectively removed with chakra cleansing meditation. It is due to this reason that chakra meditation training is considered to be so important. Chakra healing aims at curing the energetic anomalies or problems that are associated with the specific chakra and specific aspects of consciousness. With the effective use of chakra meditation training, an individual can remove all energy problems that may be present in the aura.       


The seven main chakras

Chakra Name Location Glands Bodily Systems Bodily Organs Function Color Element Mantra
Crown Chakra (Sahastrhar) Top of the head



Cerebrospinal Nervous System Upper Brain, Right Eye Spiritual Vision Enlightenment White, Purple Ether Soundless Sound
Third Eye Chakra (Agnya) Forehead between Eyebrows



Autonomic Nervous System Hypothalamus, Lower Brain, Spine, Left Eye, Nose, Ears Third Eye Intuition, Clairvoyance, Intelligence, Light, Telepathy Purple, Dark Blue Ether Aum
Throat Chakra (Vishddha) Throat



Lymphatic System Throat, Upper Lings, Alimentary Canal, Bronchial & Vocal Apparatus Communication, Self Expression, Creative Energy, Sound Sky Blue Ether Hum
Heart Chakra (Anahat) Heart



Circulatory System Heart, Lungs, Blood, Liver, Arms Group Consciousness, Love, Compassion, Life Force Pink, Grass Green Air Yam
Solar Plexus (Manipur) Stomach



Digestive System Liver, Stomach, Gall Bladder, Large Intestine, Spleen Emotion, Power, Wisdom, Action Yellow Fire Ram
Sacral Chakra (Swadishtan) Below Navel



Reproductive System Sex Organs Anger, Action, Sexuality, Peace Red, Orange Water Vam
Root Chakra (Muladhar) Base of Spine Adrenal Excretory, Muscle, Skeleton Kidneys, Bladder, Spinal Column, Legs Kundalini, Security, Survival, Grounding, Fear, Physical Energy Black, Brown, Red Earth Lam

Crown Chakra: The Crown Chakra is the 7th Chakra of our body and it is located at the top of our heads. The colors associated with it are pure white light and violet. It signifies our awareness of complete Oneness with Godhead or the Source, living in the now or eternal present, integration of the Whole, devotion, meaning, inspiration and a conscious alignment with the Pure Awareness.
Brow Chakra: The Third Eye or the Brow Chakra is the 6th Chakra of our body. It is located at the center of our forehead. The Brow Chakra resonates with color indigo. It is linked to unity perspective, inner vision, divine understanding, wisdom, discernment, intelligence, and intuition.
Throat Chakra: The Throat Chakra is our body’s 5th Chakra and is located at the base section of the throat. The color associated with it is color. The Throat Chakra is connected to expressing our selves and presenting our truth, surrendering ourselves to the Divine will, taking responsibility for all of our own needs, decision making, trusting the Source, manifesting creative impulses and personal authority.
Heart Chakra: The Heart Chakra is the 4th Chakra of our body and is located at the center of our chest. This chakra displays the colors pink and green. The Heart Chakra is linked to feelings of love (the union of human and spiritual love), confidence, compassion, expansion, trust, acceptance, inspiration and openness.
Solar Plexus Chakra: The Solar Plexus Chakra is the 3rd Chakra of our body and is located just below one’s heart down to navel. The color of this chakra is yellow. It is associated with our internalized parent, self-esteem, personal power, reaction to criticism, ego, “shoulds and should nots,” the separate self and the concept that we have of ourselves as an individual.
Sacral Chakra: The Sacral Chakra is the 2nd Chakra of our body. It is located right below the navel. It resonates with the orange shade. This chakra is associated with our inner child, innocence, creativity, spontaneity and vulnerability.
Root Chakra: The Root Chakra is the 1st Chakra of our body and energy system and is located at the base of the spine. The color of the Root Chakra is red. This chakra is linked with security and survival issues. It also relates to our personal connection our family, “tribe,” and all fellow human beings. It is also the chakra that deals with our connection with the physical groundedness, physical earth, survival instincts, sexuality as well as sensations of pleasure and pain.

Healing through chakra meditation

By using effective meditation techniques that are taught at chakra meditation training sessions, it is possible to heal the energetic disturbances of the various chakras and purify the energy system of one’s body. This can not only help in removing mental and emotional anguish but also get rid of diseases and pains from the body. With chakra healing, one can definitely lead a positive and fruitful life that is both fulfilling and rewarding. Different types of chakra cleansing meditation techniques are taught in chakra meditation training that can be used to resolve the energetic imbalances of the seven chakras. These meditation techniques can be further subdivided into two main types – one that focuses on chakra clearing and removing the underlying causes of the energetic distress and the other method deals with the effects of the energetic disturbance that has developed within us. In the first technique, special meditation procedures are used to raise awareness of our inner thoughts, feelings and energy bodies. Eventually, this can lead to pure Awareness of the Self. Some of the major meditation procedures for this that is taught in chakra healing training include Basic Breathing Meditation, Unifying Phrase Meditation, Present Moment Focus Meditation and Meditation For Finding God.

Effective chakra meditation training also helps to manage the external effects of energy imbalances by applying the benefits of chakra healing. To deal with the adverse effects of inner energy imbalance, one can make use of meditation techniques for chakra cleansing like White Light Chakra Meditation, Inner Vision Meditation and Violet Flame Meditation. Some of the light variations that one can incorporate during meditation include Gold Light, Sunshine Yellow Ray, Diamond White Light, Rose Pink Light and Violet Flame.

Chakra healing classes

Special chakra healing classes are held at Triguna Meditation center that teach students about the techniques of chakra clearing meditation. These methods of chakra clearing meditation can be further used by the students to heal themselves as well as help others to do their own healing. The chakra healing classes offered here present students with the perfect ambience to learn about the meditation procedures associated with chakra clearing. The chakra healing course is a 6 days course. You will learn chakra healing and balance (Philosophy & Anatomy). Every day for 2-3 hours you will learn and practice chakra balancing and meditation technique. Once the student completes the course he/she gets a certification and a manual while enrolling for the course.

All of our sessions and courses are non-residential. However, if you are looking for accommodation near our center, we can help you do so according to your budget requirements. We can suggest you a few places and you can then take your pick from them.