Triguna Yoga - Holistic Healing Center

Triguna Yoga offers holistic healing and believes in helping people to find their true connection to the Divine energy. This not only helps them to be in touch with their true natures but also live a more meaningful life. Triguna Yoga is the brainchild of Swami who has dedicated his life to the art of holistic living. In his own spiritual path, he has learned about how life can be transformed through meditation and now he is dedicated to helping others do the same in their lives.

Whether one is looking for spiritual healing or develops his or her inner consciousness, he or she can certainly rely on the age-old teachings that are offered at Triguna Yoga. A student here can get acquainted about the seven chakras and their energies, as well as learn about how different energies find their expressions in our day to day lives. By being in touch with this essential order of things, a person can certainly transform his or her inner being and find true inner bliss and fulfillment.

Triguna Yoga offers in-depth yoga and meditation training to students in an informal setting where the students can clarify all of their doubts and queries before they start their advanced courses. This naturally helps them to retain more understanding as they move forward on their spiritual path.

Why Triguna

At Triguna Yoga, we guide men and women to connect with their true natures which can completely transform their lives. Plenty of people goes about their lives every day not knowing what they are truly capable of. This makes it difficult for them to achieve their highest potential and find true happiness in the things that they do. However, only if they were aware of their true latent powers, they would have been capable of so much more. From the very beginning, the purpose of Triguna yoga has been to make people aware of their true natures, the inherent tendency or energy of the self. This is something we achieve through meditation training and other holistic methods.

When our own consciousness is perfectly balanced, we can see and observe our own lives and those of others from a different dimension. This helps us to be acutely aware of the forces that guide our existence at each and every moment. Such spiritual understanding not only allows us to have better control over our destiny and purpose but also help and guide others in their spiritual path or journey. It is an often repeated adage that says "Life is a mystery, not to be understood but just live and celebrate." With the understanding of spiritual lessons like sattva and the three gunas, a student at Triguna can balance his or her own consciousness and serve the humanity in a much better way. Not only such spiritual training can help a person in ascending his or her consciousness but also assist in materialistic growth that is so necessary during our life on earth. By mastering the self, an individual can learn to master his or her life.

Triguna Yoga is a holistic center whose aim is to help people make their own lives better so that they can live a meaningful and purposeful existence. Triguna Yoga is not just some organization, a brand or a PROFIT earning school. The whole idea behind Triguna Yoga is to share the experience and techniques that have been learned and understood by the master himself in his own spiritual journey.