100 Hours TTC

Carrying on the wonderful tradition of Yoga, we take you to the next stage of spiritual training, the Meditation. Just as Yoga enhances the working of the internal organs by massaging and subduing organs or by stretching the muscles and nerves, Meditation opens our mind to the path of energy that is present within our body.

100 Hours TTC

Learning The 100 hours Meditation Teacher Training

In the 100 hours certified meditation teacher training course, you get trained and practical orientation in traditional Meditation techniques. This includes asanas, meditation, pranayama, mantra, chanting, and Kriya. You learn how to do the Yogasana until you achieve perfection. You become aware of the physical anatomy and physiology through meditation and discussion. Stimulation of the organs leads to stimulation of the inner energy but one must know how to connect with it and encourage it through continuous physical manipulation. The deeper aspects of Meditation lifestyle and philosophy lays opened to you. Then, you develop the ethics needed to become the expert of this special art. This remains based on one specific Yoga sutra so you develop strength through constant practice.

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To develop the interactivity needed, as a student you must practice the various techniques that are taught to you. This includes meditation techniques based on practical and literature teaching methods. You learn to read the material and find the pertinent points. You pick up these points and elaborate on them first, discussing it with your teacher or your co-students. The last advantage is that you learn a new way of life through the 100 hours Meditation teacher training course. You become free of the burden of the past and forget any worries about the future. The focus is on the present and the way to balance the tension and stresses in the best possible manner. Meditation techniques help you to mediate your daily life and go around obstacles in your path.

Develop Concentration through Mantra Meditation

The power of the Mantra Meditation lies in the way one controls the flow of energy through the various organs. You will see this in the 100 hours meditation teacher training as one way to improve the favorable effects of Meditation. When you meditate you open the energy channels, starting from the base chakra located at the base of our spine. We, then, work our way to the top of the seven chakras to become liberated and get moksha. This is when the thoughts become clear and we are rid of the sin of rebirth which is an obstacle in our mental and physical path. To do this, we use the all-powerful AUM sound. This mantra sounds like the sound of the bees and it raises the inner base chakra by stirring it.

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Each of the chants remains associated with a specific organ. Unlike Yog Nidra where one achieves samadhi or total peace in all the organs of the body, here we stimulate them so the metabolic activities become augmented. This we find in Nyasa where Sanskrit mantras remain placed in specific organs of the body. By stimulating specific organs, one can get rid of ailments and cure infections. The other big advantage one has is that one becomes free of repetitive thought. Through deep meditation, one can go behind the thought and understand why and how we get it in the first place. The emotional upheaval we experience comes from negative thoughts like pride, greed, anger, and sloth. But, they last only for 90 seconds at a time. When you chant a mantra, you are voiding the mind for that crucial period when you suffer the emotional disturbance. This helps block the drain of energy.

Know the Yog Nidra - A specific form of Meditation

Yog Nidra is a state of existence of the yogi during the meditation which goes from wakefulness to sleep and then comes back to wakefulness. It highlights the presence of stages of transitions associated with different states of the mind. Shortly, one can say this is the state of conscious sleep. You can learn this at the 100 hours certified meditation teacher training in Goa.
The Mandukya Upanishads speak of the three states of consciousness – Waking, Dreaming, Deep Sleep. This deep sleep state we call as prajna. Through this Yog Nidra, one can purify the Samskaras that drive the karma. These Samskaras are deep-seated impressions existing on some plane within us.
The difference from sleep is that when we sleep we lose our path. In Yog Nidra, the consciousness of the world remains lessened but the inner relaxation is deep. The guiding clarity or light is the spiritual path one must seek (sadhana) and is entirely based on creative visualization. Yog Nidra prepares and refines the yogi (sadhaka) who does the sadhana on various planes of existence such as the emotional, the spiritual, the physical, and the mental improving the consciousness and awareness.
The consciousness remains stored in the conscious as karma, good and bad, of the past deeds. The other part that is the unconscious mind is also refined by examining and improving the perspective and discarding negative thoughts and actions. The result of such a meditation is one of the two – realization, where the mind is aware of its own shortcomings and virtuous deeds and awareness-bliss state where the yogi is in communion with the divine. You get full realization of the past and present lives and realize the stumbling blocks that exist through a consciousness examination of the inner emotions and sensations.
They showed under experimental conditions, the Yog Nidra achieved (and they recorded) 70% alpha waves. This shows the transient phase which the yogi achieved by imagining the empty blue sky with some clouds floating. The phase was noisy and not to the liking of the yogi. He could experience desires, recall past experiences, and see memories and images. Each of these had awareness, subconscious with the next conscious aspect. You will get practical experience when you do your 100 hours Meditation teacher training courses. You learn about the deeper meaning of the correct breathing techniques and develop knowledge about how you may use them in the Yoga asanas.
When the yogi entered deep sleep, they recorded the slow rhythm delta waves. He began to snore softly and scientists asked him questions. After the yogi woke up, he could recall all the questions and describe the events that took place around him. Such is the state of existence of Yog Nidra, one remains relaxed but aware of events taking place around oneself. This allows one to examine the deepest feelings and make the needed changes. By seeing the world around in conjunction to one’s self, one can perceive things from a real perspective. This helps you take better decisions.

Advantages of Becoming a 100 hours Meditation Teacher

The first most obvious reason is that you have a separate source of income when you get the certificate of the 100 hours certified meditation teacher training in Goa. You can teach Meditation since you are a certified teacher at any of the recognized Yoga schools and institutions all over the world. Being financially independent adds to the lifestyle index of the person.
All sports and leisure time activities involve the gainful use of our spare time. Meditation has its specific aims and acts in a specific manner to change your life. The reason people choose Meditation is one of these four:

  • Desire to create distinct spiritual identity
  • Impart internal and external power into life
  • Reduce the stress and pain of daily living
  • Feel better in life

The student learns how to include the methods of right breathing, right relaxation, right diet, right exercise, and positive thinking both for themselves and in the lives of others. You have various levels of certification and you begin at the basic level 1 course. You develop the skill to teach different meditation techniques to others. You enhance your creative self through meditation techniques and develop self-confidence.
The main drive of the course is to understand how you can help others achieve self-transformation in their lives. After you become adept with self-exploration and self-acceptance, you know about your skills and become an expert in using them.
By learning the technique, you get the ability to impart the knowledge of the asanas without hurting but by teaching to increase the strength. You learn how to use Meditation to cure ailments and strengthen the body. You improve your own lifestyle and gain more independence.
Spreading the message of Meditation culture and staying within the Meditation community makes you secure. Your link with like-minded individuals and develop the social bonds that will help you prosper and grow. And, to put in a straightforward way, you learn something fast.

Special Meditation Teacher Training at Triguna Yoga

At Triguna Yoga Center, we lay special emphasis on the individualistic approach to learning. This means in the 100 hours meditation teacher training they teach you the steps but you evolve your own way of doing the Meditation. Why is this important?
In the 100 hours Certified Meditation Teacher Training in Goa, the students are going to learn about active and passive techniques of meditation. There is latent energy in the steps that lead to your goal. You learn to focus your mind on the aspects of the Meditation that stimulate the thought, the organ, or the nerves. The teachers at Triguna Yoga stress on the holistic approach for one reason. This way, you develop your internal instincts, develop your individual approach to Meditation, and find out the best solution to problems that you face from a realistic angle. This is by doing and getting a correction from the Masters.

Having nurtured thousands of yogis over the ages, the Triguna Yoga founded by Swami Ji has shown how the three Gunas and sattva along with Kundalini meditation, Reiki, Mindful Meditation, sexual grounding methods, and meditative therapies help one to achieve mastery over one’s senses. The patent powers of the person remain hidden within the self, wrapped inside layers of emotional and behavioral mechanisms that you can unlock with meditation. It is the journey of self-discovery through which one touches and kindles the flames of the inner self, the chakras, and lift them to the heavens through self-control and practice.
Thus, the teaching method at Triguna Yoga helps you connect with your true self. It helps you overcome the stresses and makes you a complete person. You learn to look at life with a smile and rise to every challenge. Moreover, by taking the teacher training course, you learn to teach the way to others too. By taking up the responsibility for others, you learn how to deal with stressful situations and come up on top.

Important Dates of Meditation TTC

Each batch will have its own starting date. The dates of the new batches of the 100 hours certified meditation teacher training course in the coming season are as follows:1-12th April 2018

  • 1-12th April 2018
  • 1-12th October 2018


US $700 per person, including food and accommodation (Single Occupancy)



You receive a certificate of completion when you complete the course. This certificate acknowledges your skill, qualification, and commitment and recommends you teach in various workshops. You will use these sessions to teach about the restructuring capacity of mindfulness and meditation.

Meditation Teacher Training Program Daily Schedule



7:00 am - 9:00 am

Active Meditation

9.30 am -10.30 am


11:00 pm  - 1:00 pm

Sufi Meditation/PHYLOSPY

1:00 pm- 2:00 pm


3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Breathing & Dancing Meditation.

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Silence Meditation

Sundays are holidays. You get three meals daily. Once you complete the course, you will be awarded your certificate. Enjoy your 12-night stay at Goa India With Triguna Yoga.

Bottom Line on learning 100 hours Meditation Teacher Training Course.

On a personal front, you develop the power to silence the mind through meditation and spread the message of healthy living by teaching. Teaching helps raise your energy levels and increase your power of concentration. They only teach people who are in the 18-62 years age group. People addicted to drugs and alcohol is also prohibited from joining the course. You should have a fine physical health to qualify to join the course.
People who are energy therapists, Yoga healers, healers, and social workers must join the course. It is also designed for use by doctors, health therapists, and health workers. People who want to harmonize their inner lives with their external one will be able to do so by doing this course.
By interacting with renowned masters, you develop a higher consciousness of the senses and the self thereby. Exorcise the feelings of guilt and negativity that came from past experiences. You suppress the harsh outer self and develop a soft and responsive inner self that spreads the message of peace and harmony through its existence and interactions.
Kindly bring and wear a white dress at the time of opening ceremony (fire ceremony/Havan) and closing ceremony/certification.