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Connect with your Higher Self and the Divine

Use the meditation training to understand all about mind and consciousness and then receive guidance and enlightenment from your Higher Self.

The Tri Gunas are the basic components of a human mind. They essentially describe the human mind’s energy levels. these three energy levels ‘SATTVA’, ‘RAJAS’, and ‘TAMAS’ are present in every human being in varying degrees resulting in different behavioral pattern and energy levels. To define a human being based on these ‘gunas’ it is necessary to understand each one of them. Our All course and session will help you understand this three guna and how to heal it and improve your balancing of consciousness.

How Triguna Yoga help to Change your Life

Triguna Yoga is the best place to heal oneself and start an inner journey towards a greater connection with the source. Triguna Yoga is the number one source for obtaining mental, emotional and psychical healing that can bring the major transformation in a person’s life. Under the guidance of Spiritual FRIEND Swami ji, an individual can find his or her connection with the Divine source and get in touch with his/her true calling in life. Students can also learn all about pranayama, meditation, mind and consciousness as well as the ways in which meditation can transform their lives for good. Triguna Yoga offers a range of holistic healing services that can improve the energetic balance of an individual. Plenty of people finds it difficult to put their best effort in their personal and professional lives. They often carry the baggage of the past and have worried for the future that makes it difficult for them to focus on the present. This not only leads to depression but also gives rise to deep-rooted fears that stop them from using their full capabilities. However, with the inner healing exercises that are offered at Triguna Yoga, a person can get rid of all energy imbalances and move on to live a life of greater fulfillment.   Individuals who want to book sessions of healing for themselves can now do so by getting in touch with us. All lessons of self-development offered here are guided by masters of yoga and meditation who have years of professional experience working with students from all over the world. The healing is carried out based on the individual energetic requirements of a person, which differs from those of another individual. Candidates can feel a strong change and a sense of well-being within a short time after attending these healing sessions.

Our Course


Reiki Teacher Training

Reiki is a healing technique that makes effective use of energy to heal physical, emotional and mental health problems. Read more to discover how you can use the ancient art of Reiki to heal yourself and others.


Chakra Balancing and Healing

Chakra Balancing involves removal of energy blockages and making sure that the wheels of the seven chakras are spinning with greater vibrancy and luminosity. This form of healing can remove emotional and mental problems that have been affecting a person for years. Read more to learn about how you can benefit from Chakra Balancing and Healing.


Meditation, Mantara, and Yog Nidra

Meditation classes can teach students about the different forms of meditation and the ways they can improve a person’s inner well being. Mantra meditation makes effective use of sound vibrations to cause inner transformations. Yog Nidra is the deep sleep state in which one needs to enter while keeping consciousness intact. It is an effective way for attaining deep relaxation and purifying the Samskaras. Read more on how you can benefit from meditation, mantra meditation, and Yog Nidra

Special Individual Session

Holistic health is not only concerned with the absence of disease, but with a positive state of being. We at Trigina Yoga try to make your life happy and healthy by implementing the holistic healing technique.

Transmuting Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is the most basic form of energy that works in human beings. Learning the art of effectively controlling and harnessing sexual energy can help a person to transmute sexual energy for creative and constructive purposes which can in turn transform life for the better. Read more to find out how you can transmute sexual energy to enhance the quality of your life.

Karuna Healing and Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery involves healing of different physical ailments with the effective use of psychic or mental energy. Karuna Healing, or Karuna Reiki Healing, is an advanced Reiki healing technique that uses compassion or karuna to heal affected parts of the body of a patient. Read more to find out how you can benefit from learning about Karuna Healing and Psychic Surgery techniques.

Balancing of Consciousness

Balance the three parts of your consciousness, the conscious, subconscious and superconscious to find inner peace and harmony. Learn about the techniques by which you can derive inspiration and illumination from the superconscious mind and blend it with your day to day consciousness. Achieve grounding and balance of energy with simple methods.

Why Triguna Yoga!


Triguna yoga is not just a standard yoga organization with the intent to earn revenues. It represents an idea, the desire to share my personal experience and techniques that I have learned, felt and understood during my own spiritual journey. The yogic methods helped me and others to understand our selves, heal our inner selves and consciously balance our psyche. With a balanced consciousness, we can see ourselves, our lives as well as the lives of others from an entirely different dimension or perspective. Life is a wonderful mystery which is not to be understood, but to be lived fully and celebrated. By understanding the benefits of balancing consciousness, a person can not only focus on his or her personal development but also serve the humanity in a more effective way. Such holistic outlook to life can enable us in both our spiritual as well as materialistic pursuits and enable us to find true happiness in our journey of life.